Spending on TV gambling ads hits new highs in the United Kingdom

By moreen

The UK gambling market is one of the biggest and most prosperous in Europe. Not surprisingly, all international operators dream of enjoying a share of the pie, despite the numerous obstacles. The point of consumption revenue tax has driven out several casinos, sports books and poker rooms. Meanwhile, those who are still catering to UK residents are investing larger than expected amounts on TV advertising.

A quick glance at what happened over the last couple of years will highlight the fact that a trend has emerged. Spending on TV advertising has grown a lot since 2012 and the record set in 2015 is expected to fall at the end of the year. The combined amount spent by UK gambling firms is expected to surpass £123 million, based on the money invested so far. They hope for a significant return on investment, which gives us an accurate idea about how big this market truly is.

Online casinos have consolidating their presence, but they still fall behind bingo operators. These have a competitive advantage over the pack by being allowed to advertise on television after 9 PM. Bookies took full advantage of Euro 2016 and spent a lot of money on advertising football, but these figures are not factored in the estimate. The same goes for the money spent by lottery firms, which don’t fall in the same category of online gambling operators.

The bottom line is that a lot of money was spent on TV ads this year and 2016 promises to be the best year yet for the industry.