Virgin Casino Features a New Game Named Germinator

By moreen

Virgin Casino, powered by the QuickFire software of Microgaming, has offered an unusual slot game named Germinator. The paylines on this slot game are formed both horizontally and vertically. There are 12 different paylines. You are expected to wager one coin each per payline. The coin size can vary from £0.05 to £2.00. The symbols on this slot game are five germs, having multiplier value.

These germs will be arranged at random when a player activates the slot game. Players will be rewarded if three or more germ symbols arrive consecutively at a payline. This slot game is unique because unlike other slot games, it is not necessary that the chain of symbols should be in vertical or horizontal position. It is enough that the symbols appear anywhere on the payline. If you happen to have more than one chain of symbol, you will receive separate payouts for each of the symbols.

This slot game has two attractive features. When the initial payout is done, the winning combinations of the germ symbols disappear with a blast, making the place empty. The symbols above this space fall down to fill the vacancies. If a winning combination is made again with this new arrangement, players will receive more payouts without having to spend anything.

Another interesting feature of this slot game is the Medi game. The Medi bonus game is activated if at the end of the game there are three or more germ symbols anywhere on the line. When you click and choose a game symbol, the symbols will be removed and the vacant spaces will be filled with new symbols.