London Panel Discusses Need of Social Gaming Regulation

By moreen

The rate of young gamblers in the UK has been on the rise lately despite the government regulations for gambling that are currently in place. During Thursday’s World Regulatory Briefing conference in London, which was focused on Responsible Gambling Innovation, it was concluded that the issue of young social gamers is an important one that needs to be addressed through social gaming regulation.

The members of the London panel included Simo Dragicevic, the CEO of BetBuddy, a data analytics firm in London; Pedro Romero, who is the Head of Gambling Therapy, an online gambling advisory service in the UK; and the Founder and Chief Executive of Young Gamblers Education Trust, Lee Willows.

The conference ended with a discussion about targeting different risk groups for social gaming issues by creating a more segmented approach. It was concluded that young people in the UK are especially at risk for social gaming issues in the UK. Dragicevic spoke out on the issue, explaining that, “In all the data we published, they are the ones who are at most risk. If you look at other research, they consistently come up. They’re just not as well matured and developed to make smart decisions. If they want to gamble, they will find a way to gamble…You need to micro-segment, try to go a bit further and maybe get some additional data that could help you.”

Thus it was decided that prohibition is not the solution, but regulation of social gaming.