Bet365 Casino is making players most happy with its huge payouts

By moreen

Excellent bonuses and huge jackpots are regularly offered at vet365 online casino, making it one of the most appreciated casinos in the industry.

Another player has found his luck at Bet365 casino in the past days. A huge progressive jackpot has been awarded by the casino to the lucky player called Frederik J, a very passionate player of the casino, who won a progressive jackpot prize not less than $277,000.

The winner has been playing Diamond Valley slot machine game since 2006, being one of his favorite, and now it has proven to be the luckiest game for him.

Frederik J’s luck showed up when he hit 5x Diamond Mountain symbols at the same time. This was a very astonishing moment for the player, who ran to his apartment completely amazed. He is planning to buy a new house for him and his girlfriend.

There are permanent wins at bet365 casino. The highest jackpots at the casino include £101,705 on the very popular Wall Street Fever game and $1,550,000 jackpot on the Playtech Powerhouse – Gold Rally. Bet365 offers a large collection of online casino progressive jackpot games to its players and many of them are very popular.

Bet365 casino also offers an outstanding Bonus Bundle of £3,000 and a large number of monthly bonuses are available for players. They only need to deposit or transfer £50 to their online casino account to qualify for these excellent offers. There is a bonus up to £200 available for players 4 times a week. All these together reach to a total of £3,000 in bonuses on monthly basis.

Most of the players like this Bonus Bundle and they can use the bonus cash to play more than 150 games available at bet365 online casino. The most common games players prefer are roulette, blackjack, Keno, slots, live dealer action, video poker and multiple card games, not to mention the wide range of progressive jackpot games, which are highly enjoyed by players.