August Promos at Virgin Casino

By moreen

Although promotions start from August’s second week, this year the scenario is different at Virgin Casino. The latest promotion started from the first day of August. With this patrons have a chance to win VIP Night in Mayfair. In the board game Monopoly, Mayfair is the most expensive and posh property.

The promotion, ‘Win a VIP Night in Mayfair’ is valid till August 12. Three Monopoly branded slot games are running at the casino. Players can wager on any of these to avail the promotional offer.  The games are Monopoly: You’re in the Money, Monopoly with Pass and Go and Monopoly Multiplier. The promotion will be counted on only these 3 games. The games are products of WagerWorks.

The promotion comes in two tiers. One is for the low rollers of the casino and the other is for the high roller players.  For the Former, a player has to wager a minimum of 500 pounds on Monopoly slots running during the promotional period.  On wagering, they will be provided with lucky draw tickets. This lucky draws has names of 5 players. Each of them will win electronic gadgets as lucky draw prizes. Alternatively, they can avail a cash prize worth 200 pounds.

For second tier of the promotion, the minimum wagering amount 2500 pounds. Players wagering this amount will have 50 pounds added to their account. The top 3 wagerers will be awarded with bigger bonuses. The highest wagerer will be the winner of an exclusive VIP weekend in Mayfair. The second and the third highest wagerers will receive cash prizes of 500 pounds and 350 pounds respectively. The regular first week bonuses will also run along with this promotion. Players can get a 50 % bonus on their deposits between 1st and 7th August.